3 Important Reasons HR Professionals Love the Video Interview

As a job seeker, it’s critical to understand the dynamics of the employment market, and how to present yourself in the best light. An effective video interview is the latest tool in a comprehensive employment tool chest, along with your resume, professional list of references, and letters of recommendation.

Why HR Professionals love the video interview (and why they’re here to stay):

  • Practicality: With current social distancing guidelines, in-person meetings are a non-starter. Video calls are helpful but require a time investment by interviewers that is unwarranted in the early stages of determining candidate suitability. Reviewing a 3-5-minute interview video makes more sense than scheduling a live call or video chat with someone who may not even meet the initial job requirements.

  • Efficiency: The time required to conduct interviews often means a significant delay in processing your application for employment; interviews are just one of many tasks in a busy hiring manager’s schedule. Prerecorded video interviews allow HR professionals to view your information whenever they have a free moment instead of waiting for a scheduled call or video chat, allowing for quicker advancement of the hiring process.

  • Personalization: Video interviews personalize a candidate. That two-dimensional piece of paper your resume is printed on doesn’t tell them a thing about your outlook, the way you conduct yourself, or whether your personality might be a good fit for their organization. A video gives them strong indicators of all those things, and more.

Prerecorded interviews are sure to become the industry standard in reviewing job applicants. Make sure yours gives you the best possible chance of landing that new job!

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