3 Benefits to Having Your Video Interview Professionally Evaluated

Video interviews are fast becoming an industry standard with busy HR professionals, who laud the efficiency and practicality of the practice. In fact, a recent Forbes article indicates that a staggering 89% of employers are now adopting virtual interviews. That means that video interviews are now the most important new employment tool of the decade.

A good video interview may mean the difference between winning that dream job and losing it.

GradeMyVideoInterview.com offers a revolutionary service for job seekers that allows job seekers to create a mock video interview and have it evaluated by a team of employment experts. These specialists will go through your video point by point, providing comprehensive feedback and advice on the elements that employers consider during the hiring process.

Here are 3  benefits to having your video interview professionally evaluated:

1. You’ll understand the process.
Job interviews can be an anxiety-inducing process under normal conditions, and that can increase when the process incorporates technology. Recording a practice video allows you to walk through the interview, step by step, reducing stressors and allowing you to prepare accordingly.

2. You’ll be able to refine your on-camera presence. Just as with in-person interviews, video interview missteps could cost you your dream job. Recording a mock interview allows you to make adjustments to your technical elements, personal appearance and professional presentation while the stakes are low.

2. You’ll get honest feedback. Impartial employment experts can guide you toward best interview practices based on years of experience. They understand what can make or break an interview, and will give you honest and constructive feedback to make your video a standout to a hiring manager.

First impressions are critical, and a short video interview may be your one and only opportunity to impress a prospective employer. An effective video interview is an essential job seeking tool, along with your resume, professional list of references, and letters of recommendation.

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