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Grade My Video Interview is powered by Allison & Taylor, Inc., Reference Checking Service and Background Check Services.

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Our employment experts have been in the business of pre-employment screening for over 40 years and have been nationally recognized on CBSNews.com, NETSHARE.com, Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, NationJob.com, Glamour Magazine, New Woman Magazine, Worth Magazine, The Detroit News, and The St. Petersburg Times just to name a few!

We’ve spoken with thousands of employers through the years, and gotten feedback on their impressions of employees, from entry level to executive, across all professions. We are uniquely qualified to provide a critique of your resume, references and your video interview – the most significant new employment tool that’s been added to the hiring process in the last decade!

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Our Experts:

Heidi M. Allison

Heidi Ms. Allison’s passion for the electronic frontier and e-commerce began in 1997 when she and best-selling author Martin Yate launched a website named CareerBrain. This business model captured the essence of a person’s career from cradle to retirement.

This innovative career company caught the attention of the University of Michigan as they were seeking the most promising new companies on the horizon. CareerBrain received an invitation to present this web-enabled, new business career concept at The 1999 Growth Capital Symposium – University of Michigan, Graduate School of Business, Office for the Study of Private Equity Finance.

“The Art of Positioning You For Extraordinary Career Success” is the premise of her new website, Grade My Video Interview https://grademyvideointerview.com/

About Heidi Allison: Currently serving as a board member for WorkplaceFairness.com , lending her expertise in the career field. One of her passions is assisting job seekers with ground-breaking advice and discussions about career advancement. She founded JobReferences.com powered by Allison & Taylor, Inc., the Reference Checking Company for Job Seekers

Heidi has a strong background in the career vertical, travel, online marketing, e-commerce and entrepreneurship. In her most recent assignment with American Express she was in charge of meetings, groups and incentives for Ford Motor Company, including all brands – Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Previously she served as VP of Sales & Marketing for American Express Group & Incentive Services, managing numerous Fortune 500 companies’ meetings & incentives. She served as a regional sales manager overseeing the key territories of California and Florida (which produce 1/3 of U.S. cruise travelers) for Princess Cruises and Norwegian American Line.

She also founded Allison & Taylor Inc., an online service specializing in background checks and pre-employment screening.

She is an international consultant, avid traveler and entrepreneur with a world-class client list, including CruiseCompete, VacationCompete, AllThingsCruise, Expert Travel Answers, Hawaii.com, TheBritishTraveler, CruiseMembersOnly, Crown Cruise Collection, Crown Cruise Vacations, Pepsi Bottling Group, Ford Motor Company’s Beanstalk, CruiseBrothers.com and CareerBrain.com. 

Heidi traveled and lectured with Lars-Eric Lindblad, who pioneered expedition travel, or “eco-tourism,” including the first expeditions to exotic locations such as Antarctica, Bhutan, China, Easter Island and the Galapagos.

“My love of travel has also contributed to my career,” says Heidi. “I have enjoyed over 60 cruises on numerous lines. In addition, I managed travel projects for numerous Fortune 100 companies during my tenure with American Express Groups & Incentive Services. My travels have taken me to Africa, throughout the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, Mexico, North America, Asia and South America, where I have had the pleasure of staying and also living in numerous 4- and 5-star resorts.”

Heidi has been a guest speaker throughout her career and is quoted extensively in some of the worlds most prestigious media.

She is an accomplished writer, with numerous books which may be found here:



Jeff Shane

Jeff Shane is currently President of Allison & Taylor, Inc., a professional reference checking company that conducts reference and background checks for individual clients and corporations alike. He offers expertise in crafting resumes, cover letters, reference lists and LinkedIn profiles for an international clientele.

He has presented in a diverse number of forums on behalf of Allison & Taylor., Inc. that include the National Employment Labor Association (NELA), the American Bar Association (ABA), as well as multiple television news venues. Allison & Taylor., Inc. was the first reference checking firm ever invited to address the annual conference of the American Bar Association.

Currently Mr. Shane provides graduate-level instruction for multiple academic institutions on a broad spectrum of marketing and management topics. Structure curriculum and design courses to incorporate current, real-world case studies based upon successful, long-standing, multinational organizational and entrepreneurial experience.

University of Phoenix – Adjunct Instructor

University of Michigan – Graduate Student Instructor

Walsh College – Adjunct Lecturer

Jeff offers a hiring expert’s perspective to the clients of Grade My Video Interview. His career of nearly 30 years at General Motor’s Service Parts afforded him the opportunity to forge powerful sales teams, sifting through thousands of candidates to find the strongest, most effective salespeople for that organization.

Renee Goyeneche

Renee Goyeneche has over 15 years of experience in the employment industry, with background that focuses on the screening and hiring process for job candidates across a wide variety of industries and experience levels.

She is freelance writer and regular Forbes contributor, providing articles that encourage self-development in both the personal and professional realms. Some employment-related articles include:

She also designs the professional cover letters, resumes, and reference letters that most effectively capture a prospective employer’s attention, and contributes to employment blogs at JobReferences.com and AllisonTaylor.com.