Frequently Asked Questions About Grade My Video Interview Service

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked about our Professional Video Interview Critique Service

If you have additional questions feel free to call us at (800) 651-8202 or contact us via our site.

Grade My Video Interview FAQ’s

Who are we?

JobReferences.com, powered by Allison & Taylor Inc., the Reference Checking Company, and its principals have been in the business of checking references for individuals and corporate accounts since 1980. Our organization has been recommended by industry specialists such as The New York Times award-winning author Martin Yate (“Knock ‘Em Dead Résumés”). Numerous articles have been published about our business in newspapers and magazines including The Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal, Glamour Magazine, New Woman, Worth, National Business Employment Weekly, The Detroit News and The St. Petersburg Times. 

What areas will be evaluated in my Professional Video Interview Critique?

  • Technical-Framing, focus and location
  • Personal Appearance-Attire, posture and body language
  • Professional Presentation-Voice, language, introduction, preparation, experience and content

How much does it cost?

Professional Level – $149

C-Suite & Executive Level – $199

What is turnaround time?

72-hours in most cases.

Are you able to expedite my order?

Yes, the fee is $50.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks and money orders.

If you choose to write a check or send a money order the address is:

JobReferences / Allison & Taylor, Inc.
Attention: New Orders
145 S. Livernois Rd Ste 190
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Checks should be made out to Allison & Taylor, Inc.

Should I have another video done after I make improvements?

If you would like to integrate the critique comments into your video interview style, that is the best way to ascertain the results are what you’re striving for to cinch the interview and get the job.

Should I put up a background for the video?

No, in most cases just you and the wall behind you are best so that the interviewer is focused on you.

Should I enhance my looks in the video?

In most cases the best lighting is natural light and some background light if the area you are in is dark.

Can I use a teleprompter on bottom of screen for pre-arranged answers?

You can have notes available to refer to with your answers for expected questions.

Is there HR advice for follow up questions from the interviewer?

Yes, we have over 40 years of HR experience and can assist you with that as well.

Which geographic areas do you service?

Our organization has clients all over the world. Note that international references outside of North America incur an additional fee of $30 per reference checked.

What other job-search services do you provide?

We will reference check your previous employers to find out EXACTLY what they are saying about you.

  • Documented Job Reference Check – $79
  • Cease & Desist Letter to Stop Bad References – $395
  • Background Check – $99
  • Reference Letter, Cover Letter, Resume Writing – From $95

More Information:

Video interviewing makes it much easier to pursue new jobs since the professional can record their responses after hours or on the weekends instead of taking time away from their current employment to discuss future work.

On the day of your interview, review this checklist as you’re setting up:

  1. Ensure that you won’t be interrupted, either by locking the door or by alerting others that you can’t be disturbed (a note on the door of the room as well as the door to the outside may be helpful).
  2. Clear the desk space, except for a notepad and pen/pencil for you to take notes.
  3. Have a copy of your resume and any other notes ready for you to reference.
  4. Set out a glass or bottle of water for yourself.
  5. Check that your webcam is working.
  6. Check that your audio is working.
  7. Close any windows, tabs or applications on your computer that you’re not using.
  8. Check your internet connection and make sure you’re not downloading anything in the background.
  9. Set your phone to silent.
  10. Check that the background behind you is neutral and free from clutter.
  11. Adjust the lights in the room. If things appear dark or dim, you may want to bring in an extra desk lamp to brighten the space.