New Graduates Face An Employment Twist: Hiring Via The Video Interview

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New Graduates Face An Employment Twist: Hiring Via The Video Interview

Grade My Video Interview Helps New Graduates Craft the Perfect Interview Video

(DETROIT) June 9, 2020 – This graduation season, new graduates looking to land a career position are subject to the latest employment trend: online interviews. Recent events have required employers to get creative with their hiring process, and a large majority of job interviews are now being conducted online, say the employment experts at

While this trend had begun to take hold even before social distancing measures, video interviewing has exploded in recent months (a recent Forbes article says that 89% of employers are now utilizing video interviews) and is expected to remain an industry standard in the years to come. Employers and HR professionals are singing the praises of the practice, due to its efficiency and practicality.

Experts agree that there is nothing more fundamental to getting a job than interviewing well, and although this generation of new graduates may be more comfortable with their online presence than those who came before them, they’re still new to the professional interviewing process. offers an invaluable employment service to these new grads; the opportunity to record a mock interview, then have it evaluated by HR professionals. These specialists will go through a video point by point, providing comprehensive feedback and advice on the elements that employers consider during the hiring process.

First impressions are critical, and a short video interview may be your one and only opportunity to impress a prospective employer. An effective video interview is an essential job seeking tool, along with a professional resumelist of references, and letters of recommendation.

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